Interesting facts about Ricky Ponting

Hey guys, welcome to this article, so in this article we are going to talk about Interesting facts about Ricky Ponting. Ricky Ponting is one of the greatest batsmen to represent Australia. Ponting has emerged as a cricket player by scoring the most international runs and centuries for Australia. The Australian cricket team was known as the toughest team to beat when he was at the helm

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Interesting facts about Ricky Ponting:

Playing with brother in the backyard:

Ricky Ponting is the eldest of three siblings. His younger brother Drew Ponting bowled to him in the backyard while Ricky batted for hours. When Drew got a chance, Ricky would quickly dismiss him and then pick up the bat and start playing again.

Growing years:

Ricky Ponting is the eldest of three siblings. His younger brother Drew played him bowling in the backyard and Ricky batted for hours. When Drew got a chance, Ricky would get him out quickly and would grab the bat again and start batting again.

First earning from cricket:

Ponting’s first income from cricket was not due to the magic of his willow. But, as a young boy, he was part of the scoreboard crew at some Sheffield Shield games. For that practice he received a reward of 20 Australian dollars every day.

Directed by Ian Young:

Ponting’s mentor was Ian Young, whose son Shaun played for Australia. In fact, during the 1997 Ashes tour, Shaun Young and Ponting played a Test match together against England. Ponting remained close to Ian until his death in 2010. Sadly, Ponting could not attend the funeral as he was in India, representing Australia in a Test match.

Rich Sports Family:

Ricky Ponting belonged to a middle class family. His brother Graeme was “a good club cricketer” and played Australian rules football as a youngster. His father Thomas was also involved in golf, while Ponting’s mother Lorraine played for Tasmania in Vigor, a sport that is a mixture of cricket and tennis. She was its state champion. She was also good at playing netball and badminton at a good level. His uncle, Greg Campbell, played Test cricket for Australia in 1989 and 1990.

Working as a member of the ground staff at a school:

Since Ponting had left school, he needed a job. His mentor, Young, arranged for him to be appointed as a member of the grounds staff at a school called Scotch Oakburn College. Ponting recalled, “That job confirmed for me that a life in sport was what I really wanted.”

The ‘David Boon’ of school cricket:

In January 1986, he competed in the five-day annual Northern Tasmania Junior Cricket Competition. After scoring four centuries in a week, bat manufacturer Kookaburra gave Ponting a sponsorship contract while he was still in eighth grade. Less than a month later, in an under-16 week-long competition, he scored a similar century on the final day. Former Northern Tasmanian Schools Cricket Association head Ted Richardson said: “Ricky is certainly the equal of David Boon at this level.

Youngest to score a first-class century:

Ponting became the youngest Tasmanian to score a first-class century at the age of 18 years and 40 days, breaking Boon’s record of 19 years and 356 days.

Batting with his father in a club game

Ponting played most of his age-group and formative cricket for Mowbray Cricket Club in Launceston, Tasmania. Ponting and his father Graeme batted together in one game. However, to his disappointment, Ponting senior was out early while playing aggressive strokes.

Sskipping school and football

As a young boy, Ponting had to make difficult choices in pursuing his cricketing endeavours. He left football after suffering an elbow injury at the age of 15. He also left school after completing 10th class. “I think it was a big step, but by then it was clear to everyone that cricket was the only thing I cared about,” Ponting wrote in his book At Close of Play.

Connect with future colleagues:

Ponting first joined Adam Gilchrist and Glenn McGrath on the 1992 tour of South Africa, where they were representing the Australian Cricket Academy. Ponting and Gilchrist were sitting next to each other on the flight to South Africa. Ponting recalled, “Getting on the plane, I hardly knew Gilly [Adam Gilchrist], but by the time we landed in Joburg, we were best friends.

First entry:

Ricky Ponting made his ODI debut for Australia in 1995 against South Africa. Later in the year, Ricky Ponting earned his baggy green against Sri Lanka in Perth.

Not just a cricketer:

Ponting is not only a cricketer but also an author who has published several books such as Brian Murgatroyd (2003, 2004, 2005); Geoff Armstrong (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009); His autobiography Ponting: At the Close of Play (2013).


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