Facts about Hardik Pandya that Indian cricket fans need to know

Hey guys welcome to this article, so in this article we will going to talk about some Facts about Hardik Pandya that Indian cricket fans need to know. Hardik Pandya is one of the most favorite cricketers in India at the moment. His strength is right-handed batting but he also bowls right-arm medium pace. So, let’s dive into facts Hardik Pandya, a man who have zero selfless attitude with a pure gentleman player of India. So read this article till end because his article is going to be very interesting, because, many of them don’t know these facts or you know but doesn’t notice, but any way, lets start this article without any further delay.

Facts about Hardik Pandya that Indian cricket fans need to know:

Hardik Pandya Real Name:

He was born on 11 October 1993 in Chorayasi, Gujarat. The full name of the cricketer is Hardik Himanshu Pandya. He uses his father’s name  Himanshu  as his center name, who had an engine account business in Surat. Seeing his children’s potential in cricket, Hardik Pandya’s father moved to Vadodara where he selected Hardik in the cricket institute of former Indian cricketer Kiran More.

Left School in Class 9th:

Hardik always wanted to become a cricketer. So, to avoid any distraction, he left his studies after failing in 9th class to focus on becoming a better cricketer. And, he did just that. Hardik is now one of the best young all-rounders in the world and many believe that if he keeps working hard, Hardik will be one of India’s biggest superstars in the years to come.

Father Dedication:

The Pandya brothers’ father Himanshu Pandey has been an important figure in their career. He wanted his children to play cricket for which he even moved from Surat to Baroda. Seeing this the brothers became even more serious and started playing.

Hardik Start his career as a leg spinner:

Hardik used to bowl leg spin but one day there was a shortage of fast bowlers for a match in Kiran Moore’s academy and Moore asked him to take the responsibility. Pandya surprised everyone with his brilliant performance of fast bowling. He took 7 wickets in that match.

Hardik Pandya Unforgettable Innings:

One of Hardik Pandya’s best innings was against Pakistan in the last ICC Champions Trophy. Pandya was an absolute gunslinger, and many accepted that India could have won the match in any situation despite six wickets falling. However, Hardik Pandya’s red hot innings ended after a run-out which also included Ravindra Jadeja. Despite the fact that India ultimately lost that match by 180 runs, Hardik Pandya’s innings was appreciated by all.

When Hardik Pandya Used to get just 400 Rs per match:

“The tournament had no name. It was right in the middle of the villages. I will play for teams like Jhambuja XI. What was the attraction? Rs 400. My brother used to get Rs 500. Life will remain normal for at least a week. The tournament had no name,” Hardik Pandya revealed in an interview with ESPNcricinfo.

Pandya Bowling Performance:

One of Hardik Pandya’s unforgettable bowling performances was against Bangladesh in the ICC T20 World Cup, where Bangladesh needed 2 runs to win from 3 balls. India figured out how to win that match by taking almost 3 wickets off the last three balls – 2 wickets and a run out.

Hardik Pandya Background:

Pandya’s financial condition was very weak and some people close to the family also say that he could hardly afford even one meal a day. But, this does not stop Hardik and Krunal. He worked hard regardless of his financial condition. Kiran Moore was so impressed by his talent and hard work that he did not charge him any fees for the first 3 years.

Married to Natasha Stankovic:

He has great batting technique which helps him to thrive especially against any spinner, he has demonstrated this in many matches and has won many matches without any help. He fell in love with Serbian dancer Natasa Stankovic and married her.

Hardik Pandya Ranji Debute:

In 2013, he got a chance to play Ranji Trophy while still a teenager. His match was against Madhya Pradesh in which he performed poorly in both the innings. He could score only 1 and 3 runs but still the team managed to win.

Hardik Pandya Record:

He has scored 39 runs in one over, that too without hitting six sixes. This happened during a match in the Syed Mushtaq Ali T20 Trophy, when he hit five sixes and a four, and also scored four runs on a no-ball and a bye.

Attitude Issues:

Hardik Pandya is a great allrounder but he has an attitude issues, during an interview, the cricketer confessed that he was once dropped from his state cricket group due to his attitude problem. This happened because he found it difficult to shroud  his feelings and rather preferred expressing them.


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