Five Shocking Facts about Cricket World Cup

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Five Shocking Facts about Cricket World Cup:

1. History Of World Cup:

Till the 1960s, England’s county teams used to play test matches against each other, which many Indians also came to watch. But due to the long format of test matches, the English audience has been taking less interest in the matches every year and that is why these county teams have started playing limited over matches. These matches lasted between 40 to 65 overs, which made them a comparatively quick finish to test matches, and because of the faster pace, the audience also remained interested in watching them, these matches were a big hit among the English audience.

In which both excitement and audience attendance started increasing, but international teams still played only test matches. But the turning point came in 1971, when the first official one-day match was played. Originally Australia and England had a test match at the Melbourne Cricket Ground but due to continuous rain, the match did not start for the first four days due to which the Australian crowd had become very angry and frustrated, and to calm this sentiment, ICC It was decided that on the last day of the test match means fifth day, both the teams will bowl 40 overs.

This match was successful and the audience also got a good response to it. Due to which ICC could now clearly see the interest of the audience towards one day cricket. Seeing the immense popularity of one day cricket in England and other parts of the world, ICC started considering the inception of an international cricket world cup tournament because at that time England was the only country that could host such a big tournament. So England played the first men’s cricket world cup in 1975.

2. First World Cup:

1975 cricket world cup which was the first fast world cup, its official world cup name was Prudential Cup 75 because this tournament was sponsored by Prudential Finance Company. In this edition, 8 teams participated, which included test playing teams like Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, West Indies and Sri Lanka and East Africa teams.

West Indies and Australia were the two teams that reached the final and whenever the final match was played in Lord Cricket Ground, West Indies won the match and won the ODI Cup. West Indies also won the 1979 World Cup after 1975.

3. Early ODI Rules:

The early matches of the World Cup editions were of 60 overs and the team traditionally played these matches in white uniforms. In these matches, there were no white balls like today, these matches were played only with red balls. These teams are the first team played for the first. All these matches were played during the day and there were no night matches, all this changed in 1992 when teams started playing wearing colored clothes. Day and night matches started and they started use white ball.

4. 1983 World Cup:

India won the World Cup in 1983 and from here the number of cricket fans in India started increasing rapidly. For this reason, in 1987, ICC decided to organize the World Cup outside England and India and Pakistan were selected for this. From these editions, 50 overs matches started to be played instead of 60 overs, and it happened that in the Indian subcontinent. But the England and Australia comparative the sunlight lasted for less time as compared to, due to which it was not practical to play longer matches.

It has made 50 over style the standard in the World Cup. The old people and officials were not very happy with these changes because according to them, cricket was supposed to be played in test format, but to make cricket a commercial and popular success. That’s why these changes are necessary, and in true sense, it is because of these changes that cricket has become such a popular sport today.

5. 2023 World Cup:

The 2023 ODI Cricket World Cup will be the first ever to be held without the West Indies participating in it. Once the absolute powerhouse of cricket, which has produced some of the greatest players to ever play this game, the West Indies failed to qualify for this World Cup when it lost the qualifiers against Scotland. For the 2023 ODI World Cup, a total of 32 teams participated in the qualification process.

The rigorous process included three different leagues and took three years, and in the end, 10 teams qualified. While it is quite normal for test-playing nations such as India, Australia, England, etc. to qualify for the World Cup, the process is extremely hard and competitive for non-test-playing nations. This year, Zimbabwe, The Netherlands, Scotland, Oman, Nepal, Sri Lanka, the USA, UAE, the West Indies, and Ireland participated in the qualifiers, and only Sri Lanka and the Netherlands made it to the World Cup.


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