12 Fun Facts About Cricket Which You Didn’t Know

So, hey guys welcome to this article, so in this article we are going to cover fun fact about one of the world’s most loved sport. So read the article to know the amazing fact about cricket that will blow your mind. We sure that many of them don’t know this fact. So without any further delay let start this article.

12 Fun Facts About Cricket Which You Didn’t Know:

1. The Oldest Living Test Cricketer:

The oldest living Test cricketer still around today is South Africa’s Ronald Draper, who’s almost 95 years old. He played his last test match in 1950. The oldest cricketer to play the game actively was Wilfred Rhodes, who took over 4,000 wickets in his career and played his final test match at the age of 52, back in 1930.

2. Cricket was introduced by the Olympics in 1896:

Though we can trace the origins of the Olympics all the way back to 776BC, cricket wasn’t introduced until 1900. Despite cricket being such a popular sport, it has only been played at the Olympics once where Great Britain won gold 1900. However, there are talks of bringing cricket back to the Olympics at some point in the future.

3. Women’s cricket was played as early as the 18th century:

Although cricket is played by men in far greater numbers, women have joined in since at least the 18th century. English villages such as Surrey, Hampshire, and Sussex even held their own tournaments involving women, with prizes for the winning teams including such choice items as barrels of ale and lace gloves.

4. Wicket bails aren’t always necessary

Bails, the horizontal pegs that side horseback the stumps, are seen in almost every game of cricket played. They’re not mandatory in all circumstances, however. On case where strong wind may blow the bails off, the umpire may opt to replace them with heavier bails or remove them entirely for the sake of smooth play.

5. Duck In Cricket:

In cricket terminology, when a batsman gets out without scoring, it’s called a ‘duck’. The term comes from ‘duck’s egg’, the shape of which resembles a zero.

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